Youth & Young Adult Coalition


PURPOSE:  The Youth & Young Adult Coalition is a group of youth and young adults throughout the city who grasped the vision for positive change in the community.  To unify voices towards making positive changes in Chelsea. The coalition allows peers to come together in an open forum to identify problems, develop solutions, and implement action plans.

The YYAC five basic goals are:

1. Social Justice

2. Community Relations

3. Spiritual Development

4. Education & Leadership

5. Health & Welfare (includes housing)

The YYAC will contribute to the “Beloved Community” where youth and young adults do their part.  The Beloved Community was a dream of Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to create a world in which all persons live in peace and harmony. With the help of mentors, consultants and supporters, YYAC will achieve "The Beloved Community" as youth and young adults work together to make a positive difference in their own lives, the community, the city, and the nation.  

One initiative is support homeless students and families through Project Opening Doors.

Our goal is to create a Beloved Community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives. ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.